Some changes and upgrades – and I want your help!

Hi all, I know things have been bit quiet on here lately, but thats only because I have been working on some new things for the old Bootleg Blog here.

I will be rebranding it in the next few weeks and (finally) upgrading the look and feel of everything – but rest assured i will still be posting up loads of great free music for you all.
And all the stuff i’ve posted over the past 5 years will still be accessible too.

On top of that i’ve got a few other people on board to help me and a bunch of new ideas for things to post. Music will still be number 1 – we aren’t going to have click bait shit or the same crappy stories that every other blog recycles.

If you have some ideas of what would be good to add, and/or are interested in helping out, blogging music, writing etc i’d love to hear from you.


London Grammar – Strong (We Are Trash slow jam remix)

These guys have a bunch of killer tunes on their Soundcloud, and this one is no exception.

London Grammar – Strong (We Are Trash slow jam remix)


New Philly Blunt booty :)

Yo, so it’s been a while since i’ve added anything new to my Soundcloud, wish i could get more done, but you know, life is busy etc etc.

But here’s a little Danny Brown booty i whipped up last year for my sets – got loads of support on it from mixes i’d put it in and playing out, so now its out for all y’all.

Danny Brown – Dip (Philly Blunt remix)


J*Labs – #TRUNK! EP

J*Labs out of LA is doing some great stuff right now, mixing the sounds of ghetto funk and twerk to create as hybrid which works for both genres and getting some big support along the way.
Get on this EP!

J*Labs – #TRUNK! EP


Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (KRNE Remix)

Missy is back.

Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (KRNE Remix)


Grandtheft & Lambo – Butterscotch

Big but good.
also, big butt good.

Grandtheft & Lambo – Butterscotch


Hasse de Moor – C.R.A.N.K

Hasse de Moor has been dropping some killers recently – get on this kid!

Hasse de Moor – C.R.A.N.K



Love this shit!



Wicked City – So Good

Wicked stuff from KK and krew.

Wicked City – So Good


BigGigantic – Get On Up

This is just dope.

BigGigantic – Get On Up