Mako & the Hawk

Even though their name sounds like a seventies cop show (in an awesome way:) Mako & the Hawk don’t bust perps, they bust out wicked funk mash-ups. hehe.
Anyways, their tunes are receiving support from some major players such as, Smoove and Craig Charles on BBC radio – and with good reason, they rock!
The Ain’t No Other Man boot works perfectly, as does their Beasties mash, but their Public Enemy one is pure class. Lovin these ones guys – cheers!
Check out their SoundCloud for more gold.

Mako & the Hawk – Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man

Mako & the Hawk – Shut Up & Give It Up

Mako & The Hawk vs Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (Not Enough Funk mix)


2 responses to “Mako & the Hawk

  1. Mad props! You’re too kind! More on the way very, very soon 🙂

  2. Hey Philly – where’s your dropbox gone man? We got a new one for you!

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