Thursday Tunes

Hope your week is going smoothly for you. A couple of tunes today from some kickass producers.
First up is J2K – I featured him a while back on a tune, and this one is a hot fire breaks monster as well.

Next up I have a remix of Ludacris’ huge hit of the moment, How Low – which is pretty perfect for remixing/bootlegging (if you don’t believe me do a search for it on SoundCloud). This one is done by Matt Cox, who has done some tasty work on a tonne of labels, including a stack for my good mates over at Destination? Keep an eye on Matt as he is ready to blow, check his SoundCloud for more tunes and mixes.

Finally, i’ve got a cool edit of a remix of Passion Pits huge tune (which has officially gone into annoying status) Little Secrets. Apparently Mike Stone has had enough and is campaigning for No More Passion Pit. He has edited LAZRtags remix really well and added some vocals of his own too. Check his SoundCloud for more tunes, bootlegs and some tasty mixes.

A-Trak – Wampercycle (J2k edit)

Ludacris – How Low (Matt Cox remix)

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (LAZRtag remix – Mike Stones NO MORE edit)


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