Phetsta is a drum n bass heavyweight from my home town of Perth, Western Australia who has had a string of massive releases over the past few years, also stepping into electro territory with some kickass tunes around the 130bpm mark. I’ve got him playing at one of the nights I promote here in Perth at the end of the month, so this and the fact he’s recently updated his SoundCloud and Facebook pages with some tunes to giveaway has forced (:P) me to do a post about him.
First tune is damn hilarious and whilst very cool, not to be taken seriously – as said by the man himself. Secondly we have one of my favourite dnb tunes, which is sort of a bootleg, but def a free giveaway, and features fellow Perth dnb superstar and good friend ShockOne.
Get in.

Phetsta – Push It To The Limit

Phetsta & ShockOne – Love Her Forever

Force Majeure ft Phetsta - 25th June @ Ambar


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