Eleanor Rigby

The Beatles getting beat down today on the blog. This would have ot be one of the only Beatles acapellas around – or at least its the most common one.
I did a tune sampling it a while back – which needs a fair bit fo work btw!
But my man Thoko (who I featured previously here) has pumped out a bananas electro bootleg using the same vocals and Niksta G outta London has a killer reggae mash/booty she’s posted as part of her killer Insane Bangers collection. And insane they are – check out more of her stuff at her SoundCloud.
**Ok so after some emails and comments – we’ve worked out that Niksta G didnt do this mash-up but used it on her album – Insane Bangers. There was some confusion there but she does do lots of her own great stuff, but this one was done by Loo & Placido – check their SoundCloud for stuff 😉
These are going out to all you lonely mu’ fuckers. Don’t forget to vote for me in the InTheMix poll – see below.

Niksta G – Rigby Reggae

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (Thoko remix)

Philly Blunt – All the Lonely People


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