Grits & Gravy

Sorry i’ve been a bit slack on the posts lately, but i’ve been hella busy with Miles Dysons’ Aus tour just finishing and now preparing to tour Lazy Rich and SKisM in a couple of weeks – check out my agency – Double Agency for more info.

But new projects are in the works. My good friend D*Funk and I are starting our own funk label called: Grits & Gravy. Bashin out party bangers is the name of the game here and we’ve decided to kick it off with a funky fresh freebie for you!

    D-Funk… ‘Express Yourself’ (Grits N Gravy FREE D/L 320 MP3)

“This is an edit/mash up I did recently & is gonna set the tone for what’s to come on our new label (myself & Philly Blunt) Grits n Gravy. Quality party beats from the funkier end of the spectrum. Keep your eyes & ears peeling for our first release on Grits n Gravy: D-Funk > ‘The Boss’ & Philly Blunt > ‘The Jam’ coming out very soon!”

D*Funk – Express Yourself [Grits & Gravy]
You can also get this track from the following mediafire link.

Grits & Gravy


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