Its been a while…

So i’ve been super busy and i think this is possibly the longest time in between drinks since I started the blog about a year ago….. yep just checked – I started this on the the 2nd of October 2009.
Well it’s been a good year round here… the blog has taken off with over 50,000 views, which is nice to see… glad so many of you all are enjoying the free tunes I share on here.
Anyways – from the success of the blog, I got asked by a guy called Johnny Stangeways who does a radio show in New Zealand on 95bfm to do an interview for his show. So check out the link HERE and have a listen to what I sound like – keep in mind it was a monday morning after a big weekend haha.
Thanks a heap Jon! and big ups to all the New Zealand crew!

Got a few tunes here for youse as well – can’t let you go hungry now can I ;D
These are from a guy called (cool name btw) Some DJ who has got some belting wobble funk shiz for youse all – check his SoundCloud for more tunes and info.

Thanks to you all for reading and enjoying the blog – it makes me keep it going – good to see so many people liking and sharing the music here.
Philly Blunt

Rob Base – It Takes Two (Some DJ remix)

Funkadelic – Flashlight (Some DJ remix)

John Ozila – FunkyBoogie (Some DJ remix)


One response to “Its been a while…

  1. Love your blog! and your tracks are sick.

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