Perth Dance Music Awards

So it’s that time of year again for our little city in the west of Australia to award prizes for the best DJs. I ask that if you like my blog, mixes, tunes and/or ramblings, that you go help me out and vote for me.
Head to: and register your email and then take the minute or so and vote for me.
*** Please check below for some guides and don’t try and vote more than once as it will cancel out all of your votes, and also just leave the categories blank that I haven’t included – Thank you in advance: Phil ‘Philly Blunt’ Berrick.

Best Breaks DJ:
Philly Blunt

Best Producer:
Philly Blunt

Best Tune:
Philly Blunt – Feel

Best Record Label:
Grits N Gravy

Best Club Night:

Best Dance Music Website:
The Bootleg Blog

Best Nightclub:

Best Radio Show:
Force Majeure Radio

Best Photo:
Number 8

Best Flyer:
Number 12

Thanks, it means a lot.


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