Hey guys, I sincerely apologise about the lack of bootlegs for you all in 2011… my laptop decided to die a couple of days before the new year, and in between getting that fixed, new years partying, cruising down south West Australia for a show, and playing some cool festivals and kicking my ass to finish some remixes (check below) i havent had any time to get to the blog 😦
Oh and i’ve been in Thailand for the last 2 weeks (also see below;) drinking cheap ass beer and tanning my white ass, so internet has been hard to find.
But im back real soon. I think Jan could very well be a write off for TBB, but i promise ill be back with a shit load of god damn awesome bootlegs for you guys to keep you all dancing or the 2 O double 1.

-Philly Blunt

Umbo & Bad Monkeys – Come Together (Philly Blunt Remix)

where im at.


4 responses to “sorry!!!

  1. Thank god! I was getting worried you had passed away or something lol

  2. uh, that’s riley isn’t ? lucky you…

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