A bunch of funk re-rubs.

A heap of rerubs, re-edits, whatever you want to call them are going round at the moment in the funk scene, so I thought i’d throw a few up for y’all.

Malcolm’s Locks – Get Up Stand Up (Gaff’s Club Mix)

Doris-Dont (Chombee Bootleg)

The Sequence – Monster Jam (Bobby C Sound TV remix)

Areefa Crankin – Rckstdy (Vega’s Steadyrockin re-rub)

4 responses to “A bunch of funk re-rubs.

  1. Any chance of you having a club worthy version of Rapper’s Delight – Sugar Hill Gang??

    I know there is the dan the automator version and remixes, but i dont find them to be anything special. Maybe you can do a remix in the style of your other work?


  2. Thanks for the blog Phil! Big Ups!

  3. there was a version of Rappers Delight played by A-Skillz a few years back, which had the main tune played on some acidy synth, with tuff breakbeats. I never found out what that tune was, but is sure was “club worthy”.
    Any clues?

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