Jimi Needles

I don’t usually post many mash-ups unless they’re done really well with some extra skill and time put into editing the track and doing more than simply putting an acapella over a beat. Not that I don’t like that or do it myself, it’s just there is so much of it out there. But when some gold like Jimi Needles comes through – you’ve got to pay respects. check him.

Daft Punk vs Fort Knox 5 – 75′ Times Harder (Jimi Needles Blend)

The Pharcyde vs Finley Quaye – Runnin’ After All (Jimi Needles Melancholy Bootleg)

Dizzee Rascal vs Dizzy Gillespie ft. KRS ONE – Dizzy Sirens (Jimi Needles’ Big Band Cocktail)

M.I.A vs The Honey Drippers – Paper Presidents (Jimi Needles Summer Cocktail)


One response to “Jimi Needles

  1. You`re right, truly amazing work

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