Upgrades and your help.

So i’m going to be upgrading the page layout and some features of the blog sometime soon and wanted to ask you all for some help and feedback. If there’s anything you think would be a good addition, or something you don’t like about the blog or anything you’d like to tell me or anything helpful/useful at all, please leave a comment on this post or shoot me a comment on facebook and let me know what you want from this blog. I’m getting a lot of people through every day so would be good to get some feedback from some of you – regulars or newbies, whatever.

Thanks in advance,
– Philly Blunt

Chase & Status – Eastern Jam (Slyde reboot)

Here Comes “Under the Sun” (Kidda vs. The Beatles)

The Bangles “Walk Like An Egyptian” (Swerve & ADjected Deleted Remix)

Michael Jackson – Maria (Karim’s nu-funk breakdown)


One response to “Upgrades and your help.

  1. Love this blog.

    If possible have a switch to turn on/off the comments on the tracks you post from soundcloud. On a long page, loading hundreds (or thousands) of comments takes forever on my 1Mb connection. 😦

    Also, please can your tags point to your site – not the generic wordpress site. Other than that, great work on this blog. It’s becoming essential reading.


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