Progress Inn get their booty on!

Some fresh Bootleg goodness from some awesome Perth producers today. Coincidently, these guys are playing the upcoming Bootleg event tomorrow night @ Ambar, Perth Western Australia. If you’re in the area make sure you get down!
This was done for Lo Key Fu’s Multiplay Project compilation. It is our version of a theme song in a controversial game Manhunt by Rockstar Games.

Progress Inn – Manhunt

and don’t forget this one 😉

2 Live Crew – Hoochie Muma (Black & Blunt remix)


One response to “Progress Inn get their booty on!

  1. Hi. I’ve just started a blog quite similar to yours. I was thinking we could link eachothers pages to gain a wider scope. If not still check it out It is for all good music. I have my own music aswell under the name frase in soundcloud ( check it out. I think you may like the evil refix.

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