Couple of new ones from me…

Ok so i’ve got a stack of new stuff on the way – lots o bootys and a stack of originals and remixes too.
For now here is a brand new edit I whipped up for my recent tour over east, as well as a 3-way edit I did months ago and has done me exceptionally well… The latter got denied on SoundCloud so i’ve uploaded it to youtube wit a vid and a link to download too.

But before we get to the tunes if you could spare a few minutes to help me out i’d love you long time. Hopefully you like the blog here and some of my tunes so if you could go to Perth Dance Music Awards and shoot me some love – it’d be much apreciato.

You don’t have to vote in every category – but here’s some recommendations for the ones hwere this blog, the Bootleg night and myself will be in. THANKS!

Best House DJ: Ben Mac
Best Electro DJ: Kill Dyl
Best Techno DJ: Mono Lisa
Best Dubstep DJ: JS
Best Drum n Bass DJ: ShockOne
Best Urban/RnB DJ: Angry Buda
Best Female DJ: Mono Lisa
Best Breaks DJ: Philly Blunt
Best Progressive DJ: Progress Inn
Best Producer: Philly Blunt
Best Record Label: Grits n Gravy
Best Club Night: Bootleg

Best Nightclub: Ambar
Best Dance Music Website: The Bootleg Blog
Best Flyer: #3 (Bootleg flyer;)
Best Local Tune: Philly Blunt!

I know this shit is annoying but it does help me out – just as I do with all these tunes in the one lovely spot 😉
Thanks for your support – i’m hoping The Bootleg Blog will take out best dance music website! Cheers – Philly Blunt.

now for some tunes:

Dr P vs FTL – Love Goes Stomping Down (Philly Blunt edit)

This one just came out on Lot49 – go and buy if you dig it!

Meat Katie & Lee Coombs – Up (Black & Blunt Remix) [Lot49]

•••Download Link•••


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