Whiskey Pete and Switchblade Recordings present – Straight Leaning Mixtape


Straight Leaning is a free 20 song trap compilation created by Whiskey Pete and his new label Switchblade Recordings. This is the official Straight Leaning mixtape that includes all the free songs from the compilation. Mixed and compiled by Smookie Illson.

Spenda C & Whiskey Pete-Freak Out
Rell The Soundbender & Whiskey Pete-Shut Yo Trap
Nato Feelz & Nathaniel Knows-Wild Out
Diamond Pistols-Slam City
Stereothieves-This Is Los Angeles
Smookie Illson-Make It Clap, Make It Roll
Rell The SoundBender-Angels x Demons
Proper Villains & Reid Speed-We Love The Blunts
Will Bailey & Poisound-In The Echo
Bangladesh-100 (Vinnie Maniscalo Remix)
Gunner Bass & EMU-Scared Straight
Halograms & Whiskey Pete-Twerkulate
Whiskey Pete-Up & Down
Vinnie Maniscalo & Whiskey Pete-Beat It Up
Spenda C & Whiskey Pete-Straight Leaning
Them Lost Boys-Mr.Larson
Spenda C & Whiskey Pete-Ass Clap 2.0

Get the tracks here.


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