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2pac – California Love (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike Remix)

Dropped a couple of tunes a while back from these guys and the’ve done did it again with some funk fuelled Cali Lovin.

2pac – California Love (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike Remix)

Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike

Got sent one of these tunes a month or 2 ago and only just got to hear the fire that is inside them! Some funky ass shit!
Don’t really know too much about these guys except they’re from Santiago, Chile and they have the funk.

Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike Remix)

Prince – Musicology (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike Remix)

Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice (Tom Drummond remix)

Tom Drummond is back in a big way! These last couple of months have shown us why he’s played by all the big hitters in the funk, ghetto funk and house scenes. Below a brand new booty from the man, giving Fatboy slim the once over.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice (Tom Drummond remix)

He’s also playing at our comeback Bootleg show tonight – so if you’re in Perth… get on down!

Stickybuds & Bobby C Ft. The Jungle Brothers – Party Remedy

Benn struggling to find time for you guys lately – but don’t fear – more tunes are here…

Stickybuds & Bobby C Ft. The Jungle Brothers – Party Remedy

Blunt Funk

So up until about 3 years ago, I was making more funk / hip hop based tunes and had quite a few releases on vinyl and digi. Because I just clicked over 6000 followers on my SoundCloud, I thought i’d giveaway a stack of these old tunes that’ve been only available for purchase until now. Hope you like em 🙂

Get the Blunt Funk pack here.


Philly Blunt – Loves California [Goodgroove Records]

Philly Blunt – Lost & Won [Booty Pirates Rec]

Philly Blunt – War [Booty Pirates Rec]

Philly Blunt – The Body Rocker [Warriorz Records]

Philly Blunt – Mashboy Crim [Booty Pirates Rec]

Waks Traks – Harder (Philly Blunt remix) [Waks Traks Records]

Philly Blunt – Funky Music [Grits N Gravy]

Pink Floyd – The Wall (Dude Skywalker Remix)

Pink Floyd – The Wall (Dude Skywalker Remix)

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (The Funk Hunters Remix)

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet (The Funk Hunters Remix)