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J*Labs – #TRUNK! EP

J*Labs out of LA is doing some great stuff right now, mixing the sounds of ghetto funk and twerk to create as hybrid which works for both genres and getting some big support along the way.
Get on this EP!

J*Labs – #TRUNK! EP


Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (KRNE Remix)

Missy is back.

Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (KRNE Remix)


Hasse de Moor – C.R.A.N.K

Hasse de Moor has been dropping some killers recently – get on this kid!

Hasse de Moor – C.R.A.N.K


T1R & Quix – Crvnk

Got onto T1R recently and he’s set to blow. Crucnhy Carmack style beat but with his own flavour – this is one taste of the fee goodness on his SoundCloud go get some before everyone knows.

T1R & Quix – Crvnk


What Is A Jeffree?

Been a bit busy of late so am just gonna throw a bunch of god free tunes up over the next few days. This EP from Mad Decents Jeffrees is full of fiyah.

Mad Decent – What Is A Jeffree? Compilation


TrapStyle Records – Fear And Loathing In … The EP

TrapStyle have just dropped an EP with 3 solid tunes from 3 big artists. Lots of goodness coming from this blog/label – stay tuned for more fiyah.

TrapStyle Records – Fear And Loathing In … The EP


Tropkillaz – Boa noite EP

New label Buuum Trax has dropped this kickass release off the bat – with a bunch of copal remixes to boot – the JSTJR is prob my fave, but hard to pick a winner.

Tropkillaz – Boa noite EP