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Some changes and upgrades – and I want your help!

Hi all, I know things have been bit quiet on here lately, but thats only because I have been working on some new things for the old Bootleg Blog here.

I will be rebranding it in the next few weeks and (finally) upgrading the look and feel of everything – but rest assured i will still be posting up loads of great free music for you all.
And all the stuff i’ve posted over the past 5 years will still be accessible too.

On top of that i’ve got a few other people on board to help me and a bunch of new ideas for things to post. Music will still be number 1 – we aren’t going to have click bait shit or the same crappy stories that every other blog recycles.

If you have some ideas of what would be good to add, and/or are interested in helping out, blogging music, writing etc i’d love to hear from you.

Sydney this weekend!

To all my crew who are on the east coast of Ausrtralia – i’m playing in Sydney this weekend.
On Saturday night we’ve got our label night @ World Bar, so if you’re about then come say hi!

and on friday night I’m doing a Black & Blunt set at Candys Apartment.

If you’re around – come check me out.


Hey guys, I sincerely apologise about the lack of bootlegs for you all in 2011… my laptop decided to die a couple of days before the new year, and in between getting that fixed, new years partying, cruising down south West Australia for a show, and playing some cool festivals and kicking my ass to finish some remixes (check below) i havent had any time to get to the blog 😦
Oh and i’ve been in Thailand for the last 2 weeks (also see below;) drinking cheap ass beer and tanning my white ass, so internet has been hard to find.
But im back real soon. I think Jan could very well be a write off for TBB, but i promise ill be back with a shit load of god damn awesome bootlegs for you guys to keep you all dancing or the 2 O double 1.

-Philly Blunt

Umbo & Bad Monkeys – Come Together (Philly Blunt Remix)

where im at.

Perth Dance Music Awards

So it’s that time of year again for our little city in the west of Australia to award prizes for the best DJs. I ask that if you like my blog, mixes, tunes and/or ramblings, that you go help me out and vote for me.
Head to: and register your email and then take the minute or so and vote for me.
*** Please check below for some guides and don’t try and vote more than once as it will cancel out all of your votes, and also just leave the categories blank that I haven’t included – Thank you in advance: Phil ‘Philly Blunt’ Berrick.

Best Breaks DJ:
Philly Blunt

Best Producer:
Philly Blunt

Best Tune:
Philly Blunt – Feel

Best Record Label:
Grits N Gravy

Best Club Night:

Best Dance Music Website:
The Bootleg Blog

Best Nightclub:

Best Radio Show:
Force Majeure Radio

Best Photo:
Number 8

Best Flyer:
Number 12

Thanks, it means a lot.

More me!

Well I thought i’d take this chance to let youse all know about my latest release out on Warriorz Records which is run by phat funker and bassline b-boy: Kid Stretch.
The tune is called The Body Rocker and has some amazing remixes from Lebrosk, Niko and Kid Stretch himself. You can buy it HERE!
Already number 3 in the sales charts – help me be numero uno!
Philly Blunt - The Body Rocker

On a different note – my good friends over at Tea and Cake Records have featured my Blunt Funk Vol.1 mix on their show on Space Invader Radio. You can check it out on MixCloud here.
tea n cake

I got blogged

Just got some blog love over on Skippers Chippers blog for my Fake Blood remix. Check him out he picks some great music 😀 as well as mine haha

Bootleg Fanpage

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to say we’ve made a fan page on Facebook to keep you up to date on blogged tunes, signed tunes and the Bootleg events which are taking off around the country (hit me up if you’re interested in this franchise – wherever you are in the world).

So here it is – come and join and invite your friends 🙂
Bootleg Fanpage.

Good Groovin!

Hi y’all, I know i’ve been a bit slack this week with posting new booty goodness, but there is a damn good reason. I’ve been a busy busy boy.
This Friday in Perth we are launching the ReGrooved nights which have been taking over the world, here in my home town of Perth, Western Australia.
Coinciding with this is the launch of my debut single “Loves California” on GoodGroove Records which is due out next week. You can already get it from such awesome outlets as: Juno Records & Tunes.
there is also a lovely review of it here.

Philly Blunt – Loves California

ReGrooved and Philly Blunt Single Launch


Tonight marks the return of the night thats started this blog: BOOTLEG!
My good friend Ben Mac and I have been running these nights for over 3 years at Ambar Niteclub in Perth, Western Australia and by playing nothing but bootlegs, mash-ups, re-edits, white labels, versions etc etc it is one hell of a fuckin party.

So if you’re in Perth tonight – come on down as it’s gonna be a big one.

Bootleg @ Ambar - 19th Feb 2010


Hello and welcome to The Bootleg Blog.

Here I’m going to post a stack of Bootlegged tunes that I and others have made.
This is dedicated to Bootlegs, Mash-Ups, White-Labels etc not illegal recordings of lame concerts, but illegal remixes of other peoples songs. Ka-Kow!

If you feel like sending me some of your own booty’s, please pop them in our Soundcloud Dropbox.

Come in, take a load off and enjoy,

Philly Blunt