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What i’ve been upto….

So I been busy as always around here – lots of new tunes, remixes and collabs coming out…
Here’s a taste.

Boy Lost ft Riddums Nation & Ce Ce Kay (Philly Blunt remix) [Scoundrel Records]

Black & Blunt – Move Your Feet [Passenger]

Fellis – Zed’s Alive (Philly Blunt remix) [Shax Trax]


Black & Blunt – Simon Says Fuck Yo’ BPM

Black & Blunt – Simon Says Fuck Yo’ BPM

Black & Blunt – Climbing Riff Mountain OUT NOW!

Yo guys – my new tune with Micah as Black & Blunt is out now on LOT49 – its heading up the charts, so if you’re digging it (or just want to thank me for posting all these other awesome tunes on here) go do me a favour buy a copy from BEATPORT HERE!!!

Cheers! You’ve been breaking records on here the last few weeks in terms of views and downloads – so have definitely been feeling the love.
-Philly Blunt

Black & Blunt – Climbing Riff Mountain [LOT49]

Black & Blunt – Climbing Riff Mountain

Black & Blunt – Climbing Riff Mountain [LOT49]

Black & Blunt – Movin Music [LOT49] OUT NOW!

Brand new shit from my side project with Micah – Black & Blunt – this ones for the peaktime playas!
Already at #74 on the breaks charts after only a day, but we need to push this one high – so please go grab a copy if you’re feelin it!

Black & Blunt – Movin Music [LOT49] OUT NOW! BEATPORT LINK


So yesterday I did my 300th post on here – which nicely was also the busiest day i’ve had by a few hundred views… I’ve been doing this for about 2 and a half years, 300 posts with over 600 (probably way more) tunes posted. Over 200,000 views from you guys, which all makes me happy 😀

I’ve got some plans for the next few months, im gonna update the look of the site – which i’ve been promising for a while. Also im gonna launch a Bootleg Blog App which will let you listen to all the tunes I post, on your smart phone or tablet. Cool huh?
I’d love some feedback from you guys about any functions etc you think would be good on the app – as well as anything to do with the site at all…

As well as that i’ve got a bunch of shit coming out in the next few months so no doubt you’ll hear about it. But this one was released yesterday and we’re really happy with it – would be great to get in the top100 electro tunes, so if you dig, go buy a copy from Beatport HERE!

Black & Blunt – Acid Disco [LOT49]

Ok so thats about it for now – more bootlegs to come of course.
One last thing if you’re a fan of the site i’d appreciate you becoming a fan of me on Facebook – helps me out 😀 • Philly Blunt Facebook •

Thanks for your support,

-Philly Blunt

Philly Blunts 15 days of fury! DAYs #8, 9 & 10

went away for the weekend so here’s the update – still going 🙂

DAY #8

Switch vs Toddla T – I Take It Back I Still Love You (Philly Blunt remix)

DAY #9

Black & Blunt – Moving Music (clip) [OUT FEB 20th on LOT49]

DAY #10

Philly Blunt ft MC Shureshock – Let Me See Those Hands (clip) [forthcoming on Klub Kids]