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D*Funk – 4 freebies via Grits N Gravy!

My label partner and all round bass has been giving away some freebies for the past month – last one arrive today, so go grab em and support our label Grits N Gravy!

D-Funk > Breakfest EP [Grits N Gravy 009]


D-Funk is on a free giveaway roll atm – 4 to give out in 4 weeks courtesy of our label: Grits N Gravy.

Here’s the first 2:

D-Funk… ‘Lonely Hearts Club’ [Grits N Gravy//Breakfest EP]

D-Funk vs Rudimental – ‘Feel The Love’ (D-Funk Mix) [Grits N Gravy/Breakfest EP]

D-Funk & Some DJ – ‘Phantom Can’t Dance’

D-Funk & Some DJ – ‘Phantom Can’t Dance’

D-Funk vs The Verve… ‘Lucky Man’ (D-Funk’s Dugstep Retake)

My label partner D-Funk has just launched his NEW WEBSITE and in honour of this and the next Grits n Gravy EP coming out – he’s giving this awesome booty away:

***and don’t forget if you’re in Sydney this weekend, come down to our GRITS N GRAVY LABEL PARTY @ WORLD BAR

D-Funk vs The Verve… ‘Lucky Man’ (D-Funk’s Dugstep Retake) •••Download Link•••

last days…

Only 2 days left to help a brother out and go vote for me, this blog and the Bootleg nights I run around Australia. Hopefully you like the blog here and some of my tunes so if you could go to Perth Dance Music Awards and shoot me some love – it’d be much apreciato.

You don’t have to vote in every category – but here’s some recommendations for the ones hwere this blog, the Bootleg night and myself will be in. THANKS!

Best House DJ: Ben Mac
Best Electro DJ: Kill Dyl
Best Techno DJ: Mono Lisa
Best Dubstep DJ: JS
Best Drum n Bass DJ: ShockOne
Best Urban/RnB DJ: Angry Buda
Best Female DJ: Mono Lisa
Best Breaks DJ: Philly Blunt
Best Progressive DJ: Progress Inn
Best Producer: Philly Blunt
Best Record Label: Grits n Gravy
Best Club Night: Bootleg

Best Nightclub: Ambar
Best Dance Music Website: The Bootleg Blog
Best Flyer: #3 (Bootleg flyer;)
Best Local Tune: Philly Blunt!

I know this shit is annoying but it will only take you a few minutes and really does help me out, – just as I do with all these tunes in the one lovely spot
Thanks for your support – i’m hoping The Bootleg Blog will take out best dance music website! Cheers – Philly Blunt.

now for some tunes:

Ooh Wee Watch Out – Mark Ronson vs D-Funk & Some DJ •••Download Link•••

Crystal Grass ‘Crystal World’ (greg wilson edit)

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together – NAPT Bootleg Mix

Gotye vs The Mamas & The Papas (Antiheros remix)

D-Funk… Blow Your Funky Beats

new freebie form Grits n Gravy boss D-Funk!

D-Funk – Blow Your Funky Beats

New Grits n Gravy!

Next release from my label Grits N Gravy is out now on Juno Download so go grab a copy andshow me some love 😀

Here’s a preview of the tunes for ya’ll and the free one we gave away with this release.

Tom Drummond & Philly Blunt – Drop the Chalupa

D-Funk & Some DJ – Loaded

D-Funk – Mr Wendal •••Download Link•••


Sorry about the delay guys – thats the longest in between drinks since I started the blog a bout a year and a half ago. Been super busy on tunes, new club nights and running tours… also Safari/SoundCloud has been shite in letting me share stuff to wordpress… but enough of the excuses, here’s the bootlegs:

Sneaker Pimps/AVH – Spin Spin Sugar (Stereothieves Epic Mealtime Bootleg)

Alvaro & Punish – Cubata (Breakdown Remix)

Kmo3 – El Rin Tin (Ghetto STAAR EP 1) •••Download Link•••

Blu Cantrell Feat Sean Paul – Breathe (Filthy Rehab Bootleg) •••Download Link•••

J-Roc (Sould Out Djs) – Get Down

Fleetwood Mac “Big Love” (Spaced 2011 Club Mix)

Dev – Dancing In The Dark (Proper Villains Remix)

DJ Dan – Chop Shop Fooey (Macca Mix // D-Funk & Some DJ Re-Rub) •••Download Link•••

Kanye West – Heartless (Hatiras Bootleg Remix)

Danny T & Oh Snap! – Whine Ya Waistline (THDP unofficial Humpstep Remix)

Gil Scott-Heron – Space Shuttle (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Goddam a massive swag for you to make up for my absence… enjoy – Philly Blunt

New Grits N Gravy!

The next release from the label I run with D-Funk is out today – go and check it at: Juno Download and show me some love!

Check the tunes below and have a great weekend.

D-Funk & Philly Blunt… ‘Time To Move’ [Grits N Gravy]

D-Funk – All Good [Grits N Gravy]

Grits N Gravy free download and some more!

Few new tunes for you all today. Brand new promo from my label with D-Funk – Grits N Gravy. Mr Wendal wobbly funk remix for you there.
Also a killer bassline booty from Damn Horns which has been getting some serious play from some serious players – very hot.
And lastly i’ve got a nice funk workout for you from WDRE & Freqnik. Get in.

D-Funk – Mr Wendal (Grits N Gravy)

Wanda Jackson – Whirlpool (Damn Horns Remix) ••• Download Link •••

Big Daddy Kane – Set it Off (WDRE & Freqnik Funk Mix)