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Beatslappaz – Pump Ya Fist (Philly Blunt remix) [Rump Shaker records]

So i’ve got another new remix out this week – went hard on this one – 110 biz, and heavy 🙂
It’s out now on Beatport – show some love 😉

Beatslappaz – Pump Ya Fist (Philly Blunt remix) [Rump Shaker records]

This one came out the other week too if you missed it. Much different vibes here – tried out some garage / deep house style…
Seemed to work well as its being played by: AC Slater, Kid Kenobi, DCUP, Mind Electric, Phetsta, DJ Craze, Kato and many more.
Gonna have to do some more of this stuff i reckon – maybe under a different guise 😉

Nick Lynar – True Love (Philly Blunt remix) [Klub Kids]

…and finally – a trap / tweak / 808 bass mix I dropped the other week.

HILINE Mix – August 2013


Philly Blunt in the (deep) house.

Been a bit quiet on here last few weeks sorry – been super busy with other stuff – i’ve got a back log of tunes to post that will be coming soon, so dont fret.

But for now – this is my latest remix for Klub Kids. Its got some amazing support from some big names like AC Slater, Phetsta, Mind Electric, DJ Craze, DCUP and more… check the pic below 😉 and go buy a copy if you’re feel in it.

Nick Lynar – True Love (Philly Blunt remix) [Klub Kids]

and I jus did a mix for a new night here is Perth called HILINE. 808 and trap shit.