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Perth Local Roundup 002

So gonna try and make this a regular thing here on the blog so make sure you keep them tracks coming guys!

This week we the Gran Calavera boys back with another great dnb remix, a new one from Ta-ku which is gonna be available for download on his RE-TWERK Vol.2 EP, a booty breaks remix on some Aussie electro pop from the Bootslappaz and another booty breaks remix from the FTW lads of a NWA classic.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Gran Calavera Version)


Ta-ku – I Love Beyonce


Bootslappaz vs Sneaky Sound System – Booty Pictures


NWA – Chin Check (FTW Booty Mix)


Flume – Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Ta-ku Remix)

Three of my favorites on this one! If you havent already, go and get this now before they come to their senses and make you pay for it.

Flume – Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Ta-ku Remix)

Drapht & Ta-ku – Tasty

Drapht & Ta-ku have teamed up for this freebie.

Drapht – “This is not a new Drapht single. This is just something I enjoyed making, and the beginning of something free for those that have shown me love and support throughout the years.

Hope you enjoy it as much as myself and Ta-ku enjoyed making it”.

Drapht x Ta-ku – TASTY