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help a brother out.

That time of year is here again. The In The Mix Awards are Australias biggest DJ poll, and I could use your help to get me and Bootleg back in the top.

You can vote here: In The Mix Awards 2011

If you need some help for categories – here you go:
Best DJ: Philly Blunt, The Nines, Black & Blunt.
International DJ: you can decide that one.
Club Night: Bootleg (WA) – show some love for the blog this way!
Festival/Event: Breakfest
Track/Remix: Anything Australian from the past year or something off the list.
Live Act: Again, up to you.
Festival Moment: Pick from the (limited) list.
*** apparently it may ask for a post code – use 6000, 6001 or 6055 – cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

If you at all appreciate what I do here, then please, this is really the only time of year I ask for anything in return, so take 2 minutes and help a brother out – it really does a lot for me.

Thank you,
Philly Blunt.

…now heres some tunes:

Jean Elan – Killer (Alex Mind Re-Fix)

Deadmau5 – Some chords (Tommie Keeston remix)